• Visite du collège pour les CM2

    In France, after Primary School, the pupils are going to "Le Collège", Secondary school, during four years. (6th / 5th/ 4th /3rd classes)

    Each year, the pupils who are in their last year in Primary School go

    to the Collège. The headmaster of the school group, Mr Nau, the teacher responsible of the 1st year in the Collège, Mrs Bonneau, and several teachers are there to present and explain what children do during the first year in the Collège -the 6th.

    They visit all the spaces they will use next year. They eat in the self.

    And they go to a class level 6th with pupils who are in this class.

    They can ask all the questions to their classmates and to a teacher.

    Thank you everybody for your involvment to welcome the future pupils.


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