• Les CE2 à l'honneur

    The CE2  (8/9 years old) in La Croix Rouge are working about environment.

    The local newspapers wrote an article about their work.

    It's gorgeous to have a picture of the class in the press!

    The work began in December: It  was linked with the international event COP 21 in Paris.

    First, the pupils searched how to save our planet.

    They created badges to say: 

    "Be careful with our beaches!"

    Don't touch my planet! Collect cigarette ends!

    Then, on the 26th of January, they went on a beach to collect waste with an association SURFRIDER..

    Now, they will study, in class, how long a waste takes to disappear

    (For example a cigarette end).


    A clap for all the pupils of this class and their teacher, Sophie Lagadec.

    « Exposé d'Enzo de CM1TICE/ICT : Le B2I, c'est parti »

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